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The Luxe Studio Experience

Here at Luxe Detailing Studio, not only do we value and take care of your investment, we also make sure that you have the best possible experience while we detail your vehicle.

The Luxe Studio


Luxe detailing


coffee shop



Coffee Shop

Experience our top-class coffee shop, where you can relax, grab a coffee and catch up on your emails and calls.


We are completely aware of your work schedule and time. Enjoy uncapped WIFI, as you stay on top of your work.

Office Facility

We have a fully-catered office space, where you can hold meetings and conference calls, should you need this.

Customer Service

Here at Luxe Studio our customers come first ... every time! Therefore you can expect only top-notch service from us.

Shuttle Service

A shuttle service will be available to take you where you need to go, depending on the length of your service.


We would love to have a coffee with you and provide expert detailing advice, while you take advantage of our facilities.